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A necessary post on terrorism.

Following all the recent terror attacks across Europe in recent days and weeks I have returned for one more blog, to share with you this simple thing, that the murderous scum who CLAIM to be Muslims are NOT. They are in fact DISOBEYING the Holy Qur’an and therefore CANNOT call themselves Muslim.

In Sura (chapter) 45 verse 14 it says clearly, for all to read “Tell those who believe to forgive those who don’t hope for the days of Allah. It is for Him to recompense (for good or ill) each people for what they have earned.”

In other words those who are killing, supposedly in the name of Allah are doing so AGAINST ALLAH’S WILL. The Holy Qur’an is the most important text in Islam and no other text should be put before this. If a Muslim is told by another to do something that directly contradicts the Qur’an they should walk away from that person VERY quickly indeed. When they stand before Allah on the last day and he asks them why they acted as they did he will NOT accept that they were told to do so by another, as every man and woman is responsible for his or her own soul and actions.

No good Muslim should act in any way which contradicts the Holy Qur’an and those who do ARE NOT TRUE MUSLIMS. Simple as. So the worlds media and all the ignorant bigots out there who think they know all about what a Muslim is need to read the Qur’an for themselves. I can recommend an Arabic-English translation which you can buy on Amazon for £8.99 (correct at time of writing). The best one, used by many English speaking Muslims the world over is written by Abdullah Yusuf Ali in 1934, it is written using much of the language of the Book of Common Prayer, ie Old English, but it is still easy to understand and clear in its message. KILLING UNBELIEVERS IS WRONG. It also tells, in three back to back verse how the faithful COULD follow “the Law” (Sharia) when someone commits a crime against them but in each verse it tells them that “however Allah loveth not those who transgress” or something very similar in message. In other words those who do wrong. By using “the Law” for justice they are in fact becoming as bad as the original criminal/sinner and will share their fate on the Last Day.

The message from the Qur’an is one of PEACE, LOVE, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION and CHARITY. Those putting other writings before the Qur’an are damning themselves and those they infect to an eternity of pain and suffering in the afterlife. Please, for your own sake I BEG YOU, brothers and sisters DO NOT BE TAKEN DOWN THE DARK PATH.

If my words anger those who wage their murderous war against the innocent dislike my words I tell them simply this, you are acting AGAINST Allah’s will. I shall be standing before Him one day and know that I shall have comfort from him, even though I am still VERY far from perfect, but you will face his wrath.

Blog ends here. I likely shall not be back but this HAD to be said.


My last blog … EVER.

It is with deep sadness that I must tell you that I am having to stop blogging and indeed Tweeting too as my eyesight is failing. I am just 12 inches from the screen as I type this as beyond that everything is blurred. Turns out this is one of the side effects of taking Oxycodone for the pain, if you are one of the ones unlucky enough to get teh ‘uncommonly’ side effects. I am certain that certain government bodies both here in the UK in the US and also Israel will be delighted by this news.

My final words then must be these:

  1. June 23rd #VOTE LEAVE
  2. Every election #VOTEINDEPENDENT!
  3. #GetTheToriesOut
  4. #EndAusterity
  5. #FreePalestine
  6. #StopGlobalWarming
  7. #EndChildMarriage
  8. #EndTaxAvoidance
  9. Prosecute Assad, Netanyahu, Tony Blair and George Bush Jnr for #WarCrimes
  10. #STOPTTIP and #STOPCETA to save democracy.
  11. Take power back from the wealthy elite and give it to the 98%. Time to #REVOLT

Be strong, not silent. If its wrong say its wrong. By doing nothing you will never change anything. Only by getting off your cumulative arses will things get better. You CAN beat the system because the system is broken. Scrap it and start again, but this time make sure that anyone shafting your nation and its people is prosecuted for it.


Goodbye my friends. I’d say see you later but unless you are literally in my face that isnt going to happen …

#UKReferendum – #ConspiracyTheory

For your entertainment. I point out now that I am fully behind #VOTELEAVE but I thought I would give you another thing to discuss, simply for your entertainment. Consider this.

What if the intention of the Conservative leadership is to make us #VOTELEAVE because they believe that they will be in a stronger and better position if we do. They will be able to side-step EU legislation which protects workers and ordinary people’s rights and they will be able to push forward their more extremist policies without having the #EU judiciary slapping them down while they do so? It’s an unnerving consideration.

Is this the reason they are making wilder and wilder claims? To make people think “I’m not stupid enough to believe all this crap! If they think I am then I’ll show them so by voting to leave the EU.” Do they know that this is exactly the reaction that they will get?

This thought came to me this morning and the cynic in me started ringing the alarm bell BUT that said, knowing how bad for our democracy the #TTIP and #CETA trade deals will be for our nation I still have to #VOTELEAVE and pray that I am not right in this regard. Like all things post-#Brexit it is a question that will only truly be answered after the event. I still hope that you, my fellow Britons will go for independence from Europe. We have always been strong when stood alone. But we will NOT be alone truly, we will still be members of #NATO and the #UnitedNations. Remember that.

I hope you enjoy mulling over this little aside. I thought it might be amusing for you. Whatever happens remember, WE ARE BRITONS, living in GREAT BRITAIN! We were great before joining the #commonmarket. we have been great as part of the #EU and we will CONTINUE TO BE GREAT after the #referendum regardless what the spin doctors are telling us. Have a fab weekend. Be glad, it will soon be over! The referendum I mean. XD

“Remain” camp – Farcical claims

First of all I must apologise for my silence in recent months, I lost my password and started another. I just had to restore my PC and while looking for the new blogs password I found this one (but not the other – yet). So anyway here I am with my thoughts on the #EUReferendum and the ridiculous claims of the #Remain camp, and a concern that has struck me this morning. But first let’s get to #GeorgeOsborne and #DavidCameron and the blatent idiocy they are guilty of.

I think that first of all I must point out to #Remain and the #Brexit campaign WE ARE NOT IDIOTS! Claims that so-called Islamic state and Russia’s Mr Putin will be rubbing their hands in glee – what absolute bollocks! Sorry, I don’t normally swear when typing but in the case of this I cannot help myself. Our security is dependent on #NATO and NOT the #EU.  We are not withdrawing from NATO so our overall security will NOT be harmed. It will in fact actually be improved as we take control of our borders back and can shut out whoever we please without having to seek the permission of the #FEDERALSUPERSTATE that is the EU.

The #UKEconomy will NOT meltdown if we leave the EU. What will happen is that we will return to #FREEMARKETECONOMICS rather than the #CONTROLLEDECONOMICS that we are suffering under at the present time. The EU forces markets to keep prices for particular products higher than they need to be, protecting the profit margins of corporate brands and crushing competition that would normally drive prices down. This is the primary function of the EU. It is almost wholly owned by big business and that is made all the clearer by the impending #CETA and #TTIP treaties which will in effect give #corporations THE RIGHT TO SUE #governments if they make any decision that adversely affects corporate profits. How in god’s name can you consider that to be a good thing for ordinary people and our #democracy. Raise the minimum wage for example and you harm them, cancel the contract of a failing contractor working in the NHS and you harm their profits, raise corporation tax and close tax law loopholes and you harm their profits. We will be effectively owned by those corporations and I absolutely believe that if we remain in the EU we will lose all rights to democratic sovereignty here in the #UK. For once I have to agree with #BorisJohnson, enjoy it Boris I rarely agree with Tory politicians, the current direction and planning of the EU concerns me greatly. We have seen countless dictators and popular leaders trying to bring the whole of Europe under the control of a single power. The EU is doing just that, the difference being that they are using economic and legal weapons this time rather than military might. As we look at what the EU is now and the direction it is going with the far right growing in strength once again over the mass immigration that is coming to Europe and yet the EU is doing NOTHING MEANINGFUL to deal with the root causes of this migration, war, terrorism and crime in northern Africa. If they were serious about stopping the flood we would see the whole of the EU uniting together to crush IS or whatever you want to call them today into the sand. They would be forcing Assad out of power in Syria and replacing him with a citizens democracy but instead they tinker on the edges and ring their hands while letting millions of refugees and economic migrants flood the mainland of Europe despite the fact that this is driving people into the right-wing groups’ arms. How long will it be until a far right coalition of parties have control of the EU government and what hell will that bring to the world? We absolutely have to get out of the EU right now, and we must strengthen our nation by rebuilding our manufacturing and engineering industries as well as taking urgent steps to secure our nations energy security. If WW2 happened now WE WOULD LOSE HANDS DOWN. We get coal, gas and power from others, we have almost totally lost our heavy industry, the industry which helped us to win WW2 as we retooled it to make the planes, tanks and munitions that we needed back then. As things stand we would be totally at the mercy of the hostile power. We are separate from Europe because of the English channel and so too must we remain outside of the EU superstate if we are to face any future threats that Europe throws up. It is no coincidence that Germany are the dominant force in EU politics. Our grandparents did not fight and die for us, to protect us from German aggression just for us to hand the nation to them on a silver platter just 70 years later! Honour the fallen and remember why they gave their lives, to keep GREAT BRITAIN free. Now … moving on.

Look at George Osborne’s many claims, but most importantly his last one about #housepricesintheUK.  That he, the man who is supposed to be running our economy, is so irresponsible and blatantly wrong should disturb us all. House prices are driven by supply and demand NOT our membership to the EU. If house prices fall it will be as a result of foreign tax dodgers selling all their houses at once as they realise that they have lost control, at least in part, of the UK. Lower prices and less wealthy foreign landlords will be great for our nation. It will mean that people will be able to buy homes again and if the private sector stops building homes as prices fall then our FREE DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT will have to fulfill its purpose and build the homes we need to meet the demand. These houses could need, and indeed should, be either sold directly by government or used as new council housing for those who cannot or do not wish to buy their own home. Many people, like me do not have the resources to buy their homes. I really think that ultimately this horror that George describes is one we should welcome with open arms, especially the younger generation who have been shafted these last few decades. Independence from the EU will be the first step for the people in bringing real democracy to Britain once again. We will still have to fight the powers that be to win those changes but we will only be fighting our government and not the entirety of the EU so those changes will be easier won.

Both #Cameron and #Osborne told us just months ago that if they didn’t get the changes they wanted from the EU then they would be willing to take us out of Europe. If, as they now claim things would be so devastating that the world and Britain would implode as a result then this means that they lied to us back then or they are lying to us right now and the latter is the reality. For the corporates who hold the reigns of power it would be bad news but for us, the ordinary people of the UK and all our SME’s (small to medium-sized businesses) it would be fantastic news as the current  playing field is tilted badly in favour of those huge corporates who benefit from what economists call #EconomiesofScale. Briefly this is where their costs are much lower in production as they have far greater buying power than small firms, which gives them a huge price advantage over our SME’s. The EU as it is worsens this and so too our government but for so long as we remain in the EU we stand NO CHANCE of EVER improving things.

I’m not even going to touch on all the other bull that they have been spouting to frighten you into voting to remain, I think you are brighter than they give you credit for. I think that you are in fact the smartest generation EVER and you have tools available to you that even my generation (I’m 49 btw) had. You have all the internet to source, you can ask and find answers to any question you wish in minutes. We on the other hand had a much harder time of it. We had TV or newspapers only and we all know just how biased both these are, especially now.  Backing #Brexit is in my honest opinion an absolute must if you want to build a future Britain in which your children and grandchildren will thrive. #VOTELEAVE.

My next blog is purely a conspiracy theory type thought-provoker to encourage you to dig deeper into the whole subject. I include it just for your consideration despite it being a potential reason to stay in, I hope you read it as such and still #VOTELEAVE.


Accepting disabled life but refusing to quit!

Having spent many years now struggling to cope with my failing health I have been on a roller-coaster of emotions. Its been over 18 years now since it ended my career and now, because I don’t know from one day to the next how I will feel or indeed what I can manage I haven’t been seen as a good investment as far as employers think and frankly I can understand it, you want reliable personnel who turn in every day. So, only one option remains if I am to be fiscally self-sufficient, self employment is the only road open to me.

I discovered in 2005 that, contrary to what my old art teacher had told me I CAN draw and now I have chosen to throw myself into doing just that, but not just for pleasure but as a career.


This Coyote (copyright SJL Artworks, UK) is the first drawing I had done since leaving school in 1983. ‘ 22 years when I could have been doing this, all thanks to my very negative art teacher Mr Ellis from Kettlethorpe High School. Thankfully, for students there now, I understand he is retired. A word of advice to any art student today, don’t let anyone tell you that you are bad at art. It’s not true, you just need to find your medium and you WILL unlock your talent. My own is for pencil drawings but school didn’t allow us to use them, they wanted us using new methods instead. What a waste of 22 years!

Anyway, although it might not sound like it I am past bitter now. I have decided to throw myself into my art.  Already established is the very basic website where I can sell my original drawings, although currently only 3 are on there. It’s at take a look.

It also, in the web shop contains a link to the SJL Artworks Merchandise Store which is actually on where you will find over 500 products, all printed with my own artwork, everything from #Golf #Balls (26 designs), #Drinkware (inc #shotglasses #tumblers #steins #flasks #necklaceflasks) #Clothing (#TShirts #Sweats #Hoodies #Mens #Ladies & #Junior) and much more. Please, take a look and help me become self-sufficient by spreading news of it far and wide. I REALLY would be very grateful.

Whatever the future holds one thing is certain, had I not done this I would face my final day saying … what if … This blog will stay as a platform for my thoughts, when energy and enthusiasm permits, so don’t be fearing it turning into just another business blog. I mention it only in this one post.

Don’t let your dreams go unanswered.

The economic benefit of #socialhousing

Much is made by the Conservatives, Labour and LibDems of building more ‘affordable’ housing, as though tying yourself into horrendous debt for 25 years is either desirable or advisable. Putting yourself into a position where if your world fall apart you also become homeless as a result or at the very least threatened with it, at a time when you are already stressed.  There is nothing affordable about owning your own home. All it does is tie you tighter to the wheel of capitalism, they give you something to lose and you are a slave until its paid for.

Far better is the Green Party plan to build 500,000 new #socialhousing homes. The total cost of building those homes will be about £27bn, which is a lot of money, but consider this if the homes are state-owned so too is the rent that those homes generate. I hope here to show you why this is an absolutely awesome plan, one that has been well thought out and makes sound economic sense.

Using West Yorkshire as my example you only have to look at average rents to see where the benefits begin. An average private rented 1 bed flat has seen the rent rise from £427 to £445pcm in the last year, that’s a rise, above inflation of 8.9%. In my own case, in a 1 bed bungalow which is still a social housing home owned by Wakefield District Housing the rent, including water rates is £84.27 so without water charge is about £75 per week, or £325pcm. That is £120pcm less than the private rented equivalent.

Now consider that many low-income families, who are currently in the more expensive private housing are getting housing benefit to help with the costs of rent. That money coming from the states coffers, out of YOUR taxes. In the example above, which is a minimum calculation (with 2 and 3 bed properties the rent gap increases substantially) you can see that housing benefit could save;

500,000 x £120 = £60,000,000 pcm = £720,000,000 pa

It doesn’t end their though.  The money paid in rents goes presently into the pockets of the landlords, in the case of council housing that is great for all of us, because the council can spend that income, after costs on other services in their communities. Private landlords tend to invest in more private rent properties, draining still more money from the treasury in housing benefits. Again, using the 1 bed bungalow example, my home;

500,000 x £325 pcm = £162,500,000 pcm = £1,950,000,000 pa

Yes you read that number right. Based on just 500,000 1 bed properties the councils would receive rents of £ ONE BILLION NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND PER YEAR.

So, the net benefit to the treasury (paying less benefit AND getting more revenue) would be £2.67bn PER YEAR. It’s an absolute no brainer. So why tell me do the government need to be told this? I suspect that it is in no small part due to 25% of MPs being private landlords themselves. They are lining their own pockets AGAIN at OUR EXPENSE.

So, back to the building cost, suddenly spending £27bn doesn’t sound so absurd. When you will get that back, within 10 years (ignoring costs of course) it is an absolute must! Even if the costs of maintaining and handling that housing eats 50% the money would STILL be recouped within 20 years which in terms of capital projects is still a short-term.

The fact is that we, as a nation, cannot afford to not build them. To refuse to do so is not in our national interests, so again I ask you why? Why would the ‘main’ parties not do this themselves? Because they are deliberately bleeding the treasury dry, taking the taxpayers money and stuffing it into the pockets of a select few. WE CANNOT LET THIS CONTINUE.

If you want to make this a reality, to get the 1.4 million people off the waiting list for social housing then there is only ONE OPTION and that is to #VoteGreen2015.  This is just one of the Green’s policies and boy does it make sound economic sense, unless of course you are a private landlord, or one of the 25% of MPs who rent out properties to others.

It makes perfect sense. Spread the word. Make it happen #VoteGreen2015 and join us, become part of the #GreenSurge at

Footnote: The figures I quote here are from my own research on the net, based upon West Yorkshire statistics, other areas these numbers would be considerably higher as nationally private rental average, for a 2 bed property is £632.46/month.

Why vote Green? My view.

This really matters. If you are sick of the same old politics and the way you never feel any benefit despite all their promises then you MUST VOTE FOR CHANGE.  The ‘main’ parties all promise you 5 more years austerity.  We don’t NEED austerity we need change!

If central government would close ALL the tax loopholes we wouldn’t need austerity. It is precisely because, since Thatcher’s day both Tory and Labour have let it go unchecked that we are in this mess. Too many millionaire politicians, private landlords, milking the state and tweaking laws to allow them to feather their nests still further.  Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown and now Cameron have fleeced the British taxpayers, and all 3 parties, and UKIP, promise you more of the same. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you, the voting public would just stand up to them and vote for REAL change, we could change things for the better.  The Green party offers that new way, you must just see past the fear that the other parties and the media are trying to spread, they ALL serve the same masters, the 1% who hold all the wealth.  Take back your world from that 1% and make it work for ALL OF US.

Free Education for our young is an investment in our nations future economic and social success, we don’t have to burden our young with debts they cannot repay.  We can finance education and I have no doubt of this at all. To fund free education would cost about £500m a year.  The Trident missile program will cost us £100bn, we will have plenty of change from that being scrapped. What point is their spending billions on a weapons system that will kill us all? Even thinking about pressing the nuclear button should be a crime against humanity.  The only people who benefit from nukes are the, yes you guessed it, the 1% who sell them to everyone on ALL SIDES! We need to build a world without WMDs of any description as these offer us no security, only death. I don’t want my daughter to die because a megalomaniac pressed the button, do you?

Talking of building, we need to build 500,000 social housing homes, which will provide affordable rented properties for ALL who need them, of good quality.  How will it be paid for? First of all, those lower rents will save the state BILLIONS in housing benefit. Plus of course the rents being paid will be going into PUBLIC COFFERS NOT PRIVATE ONES. Any benefits will then be for ALL of us not just the 1%. Did you know that 25% of all current MPs are private landlords.  This I think prevents them from doing the right thing, they are serving themselves again, NOT YOU.

Pushing forward to renewable energy sources will generate around ONE MILLION JOBS in the UK and if we do this we can become the worlds leading light in renewable tech, with all the benefits that this will bring us in exports of that tech to other nations. We pay BILLIONS in subsidies to fossil fuel companies when we should be using that money on other things and phasing out fossil fuels, lets leave them in the ground where they belong.

Then consider, the Living Wage. We see firms now not being punished for paying under the legal minimum wage.  The Green Party will make the Living Wage £10 per hour by 2020, not the £8 per hour Labour offer.  This wage rise will slash benefit payments and boost our economy as you will all have more money in your pocket.  I would take it further, and I hope the global movement will in time, by raising the minimum wage across the planet to the same level. This would result in poverty being stamped out AND it will return manufacturing to all our nations as firms will no longer benefit from being able to exploit others with slave labour level wages to make their goods and they will no longer see export distances as their biggest expenses.  This will also reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing as goods wont be traveling half way round the world to get to the shops.

At local level under the current parties we are seeing massive cuts, increasing unemployment of public employees with Council Tax rises of 1.99%. They wont increase it beyond 2% because that would mean asking you, by referendum what you want from your council.  Green councillors would do this.  In Brighton the minority Green council wanted to ask the people to increase council tax but other parties blocked the referendum. They saw this as a way of crippling the Greens there and they now rant about how the Greens didn’t do what they said they would, their hands were tied by the others. Only by electing Green majority councils and Green MPs will you see the changes we need come to pass.

Consider too how Labour, LibDems and the Tories have commercialised out NHS, pushing it further and further down the road towards the American system.  We need the NHS to be there for ALL who need it, and for it to be free at point of use.  I personally can get neither affordable life cover never mind health cover because my family has a nasty genetic condition called Marfan Syndrome. If not for our NHS I WOULD BE DEAD! I want it to still be there for future generations too. We owe it to them.  The NHS was the worlds best health system, the envy of others. We CAN make it so again but only by removing profit from health. If people want private health then let them pay for it. The NHS MUST BE FREE. Only the Greens will restore it, and build it, for the future free from shareholders and profit.

They say that we don’t have hope, that voting Green is a wasted vote but I disagree. If you want change then we are your ONLY hope. If you want Britain to be a nation where everyone benefits from economic prosperity then you have no choice, you HAVE to vote Green. Take it from me, I would not be standing for council as a Green candidate if I did not believe it would be worth it.  We need change if we are to move our nation forward, to break the cycle of poverty that the 99% suffer.  You must dare to hope for a different world.  We CAN make it happen. YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. Vote Green on May 7th at every level of government and together we CAN build a Britain that works for all, a Britain in which we can take pride, where our children have a future, not filled with debt but filled with HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.  Join us at and MAKE IT HAPPEN!